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Wild Wheatpasting® Markets

Los Angeles

We’ve just opened a new sales office in Los Angeles, CA and can handle all your wheatpasting, poster printing, and OOH campaign needs in Los Angeles! Since 2002 we’ve been printing and installing posters all over the USA. Find out more about our California locations.

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This is office is currently closed for pickups. Contact us for more information.

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Wheatpasting® Los Angeles

There’s a good chance that a poster you spotted while exploring LA was created and installed by Wild Window Graphics! Since 2002, we have printed and posted wheatpasting Los Angeles campaigns for organizations of different sizes and budgets, such as Nike, Adidas, Netflix, your local grocery store, and independent film teams. All kinds of businesses and promotions can benefit from adopting wheatpasting campaigns since they place street-level advertising in front of your target audience. Some of the most memorable and effective campaigns have utilized barriers (big posters on construction walls) and guerilla posting tactics. If you want to carry out a crazy posting campaign in LA, look no further than our Los Angeles team!

With years of experience in OOH marketing across a range of campaigns and mediums, as well as our own neighborhood print shop in New York, we’ve been providing top-notch wheatpaste poster printing and other services to businesses throughout New York and Los Angeles and more!┬á In operation since 2002, we are able to offer very affordable poster rates while still providing excellent real estate research and placement services to choose the best areas for your wheatpasting posters because we print everything ourselves.

See our recent wheatpasting, barricades & window wrap campaigns in NYC, LA & Miami

Wild Wheatpasting® Los Angeles

Your questions answered about our Wild Wheatpasting® Los Angeles Service.

What locations do you service in NYC?

Wild Wheatpasting® Los Angeles

We do wheatpasting services across the following Los Angeles, CA locations.

Angeles Mesa, Angelino Heights, Angelus Vista, Arleta, Arlington Heights, Arts District, Atwater Village, Baldwin Hills, Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw, Baldwin Village, Baldwin Vista, Beachwood Canyon, Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Crest, Beverly Glen, Beverly Grove, Beverly Hills Post Office, Beverly Park, Beverlywood, Boyle Heights, Brentwood, Brentwood Circle, Brentwood Glen, Broadway-Manchester, Brookside, Bunker Hill, Cahuenga Pass, Canoga Park, Canterbury Knolls, Carthay, Castle Heights, Central City, Central-Alameda, Century City, Chatsworth, Chesterfield Square, Cheviot Hills, Chinatown, Civic Center, Crenshaw, Crestwood Hills, Cypress Park, Del Rey, Downtown, Eagle Rock, East Gate Bel Air, East Hollywood, Echo Park, Edendale, El Sereno, Elysian Heights, Elysian Park, Elysian Valley, Encino, Exposition Park, Faircrest Heights, Fairfax, Fashion District, Filipinotown, Historic, Financial District, Florence, Flower District, Franklin Hills, Gallery Row, Garvanza, Glassell Park, Gramercy Park, Granada Hills, Green Meadows, Griffith Park, Hancock Park, Harbor City, Harbor Gateway, Harvard Heights, Harvard Park, Hermon, Highland Park, Historic Core, Hollywood, Hollywood Dell, Hollywood Hills, Hollywood Hills West, Holmby Hills, Hyde Park, Jefferson Park, Jewelry District, Kinney Heights, Koreatown, L.A. Downtown Industrial District, Ladera, Lafayette Square, Lake Balboa, Lake View Terrace, Larchmont, Laurel Canyon, Leimert Park, Lincoln Heights, Little Armenia, Little Ethiopia, Little Italy, Little Tokyo, Los Feliz, Manchester Square, Mandeville Canyon, Mar Vista, Marina Peninsula, Melrose Hill, Mid-City, Mid-Wilshire, Miracle Mile, Mission Hills, Montecito Heights, Monterey Hills, Mount Olympus, Mount Washington, Naud Junction, Nichols Canyon, NoHo Arts District, North Hills, North Hollywood, North University Park, Northridge, Old Bank District, Outpost Estates, Pacific Palisades, Pacoima, Palms, Panorama City, Park La Brea, Picfair Village, Pico Robertson, Pico-Union, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, Porter Ranch, Rancho Park, Reseda, Reynier Village, Rose Hills, Rustic Canyon, San Pedro, Sawtelle, Shadow Hills, Sherman Oaks, Sherman Village, Silver Lake, Skid Row, Solano Canyon, Sonoratown, South Central, Historic, South Park, South Robertson, Spaulding Square, Studio City, Sun Valley, Sunland, Sunset Junction, Sylmar, Tarzana, Terminal Island, Thai Town, Toluca Lake, Toy District, Tujunga, University Hills, University Park, University Park, North, Valley Glen, Valley Village, Van Nuys, Venice, Vermont Knolls, Vermont Square, Vermont Vista, Vermont-Slauson, Victor Heights, Victoria Park, Village Green, Warehouse District, Warner Center, Watts, West Adams, West Hills, West Los Angeles, Westchester, Westdale, Western Heights, Westlake, Westside Village, Westwood, Westwood Village, Whitley Heights, Wholesale District, Wilmington, Wilshire Center, Wilshire Park, Windsor Square, Winnetka, Woodland Hills, Yucca Corridor

What is wheatpasting?

What is Wild Wheatpasting® Los Angeles?

A guerilla marketing tactic called wheatpasting entails sticking billboards or flyposts to the sidewalk. In the US, these posters are referred to as wheatpaste posters since wheatpaste is often used to affix them. Wheatpaste advertisements can be spotted on building facades, barriers at construction sites, and wall surfaces in alleyways.

Without the property owner’s permission or without a sign authorization from the local government, it is illegal to put wheatpasting flyers on public property. On open-access bulletin boards, however, public notices may be posted.

Wheatpasting┬« can be discouraged by permanently marking surfaces with Post No Bills (USA), No Flyposting (UK), or in France, D├ęfense d’afficher – loi du 29 juillet 1881, which alludes to a statute. Wheatpasting┬« is normal, but if a landlord thinks it’s a problem, they can sue to protect their property rights. There were many cases of this kind in Boston, Massachusetts. Advertisers built electronic billboards during the 2007 Boston Mooninite Scare without informing local authorities, forcing the Boston Police Bomb Squad to take expensive action.

Paper fliers and classifieds are inserted between the wiper blades in the same manner as before. Novel, imaginative, and unique thoughts are in demand. You can achieve this without having a huge budget or dominating the market. Get the most out of them by making use of the city’s streets, public access points, neighboring areas, and the walls enclosing the nearby building site. It’s time to launch a “crazy posting” campaign.

In recent years, guerrilla marketing, sometimes known as wheatpasting, has become more common in large cities. Everyone, from your local pub to huge corporations like Sony and Apple, uses wheatpasting as a unique and original marketing approach. Perhaps the recognizable silhouette from Apple’s 2003 iPod campaign comes to mind. The streets were covered with posters of silhouetted dancing figures in black against pink, green, yellow, and fuchsia backdrops. With the help of wild-posting posters across the nation, Apple was able to boost iPod sales into the millions that year.

Wheatpasting┬«s on posters are appealing because they offer a novel method to engage potential customers. The same poster is attached to the full wall, side by side with a lovely design, every day as you go down the street. I’m referring to something that you can already smell. These striking posters are available for a fraction of the price of a magazine advertisement. Wild-posting posters, as opposed to billboards, employ workers to promote their message in front of buyers. Your forthcoming campaign will definitely get the attention it merits thanks to this contentious and aggressive marketing tactic.

What size are wheatpasting posters?

The industry standard for wheatpasting is a 24×36 or 48×72 poster. The thin paper used to print these wheatpaste posters is specifically designed to absorb wheatpaste more rapidly and readily. This makes it possible to paste the posters more quickly without worrying about them ripping. Wheat paste posters in the typical sizes of 24 x 36 and 48 x 72 can be printed using our wide format printing printers the same day.

We provide a comprehensive range of wheatpasting services in NYC, including first-rate same-day printing. You can order before noon and pick up before six o’clock. Our state-of-the-art digital printing facilities enable us to finish even the largest poster order in a couple of hours Monday through Friday in NYC. Wheatpaste posters in the size of 24×36 are the most widely used wheatpasting posters.

Wheatpaste posters, often known as fly posting, are a popular and efficient form of wheatpasting promotion. They are skillfully placed on poles, fences, or buildings to catch people’s attention and effectively convey details about a forthcoming performance, event, or promotion. Wheat paste posters are educational, empathetic, and saturate the local visual flow when employed in a well-planned poster campaign. It’s an excellent tool for publicizing your future campaign. 24″x36″ and 27″x39″ are common poster sizes for wheatpaste poster campaigns. Large format posters in these sizes are printed in NYC on the same day. As a result, you’ll be able to start right away.

A water-based liquid gel or glue prepared from wheat flour or starch is known as wheat paste. Paste is another name for it, as is flour paste. It has been used for many decorative arts and crafts dating back to ancient times, including binding, decoupage, gluing, and making paper swords. It has recently been employed as a wall glue for posters and paper inscriptions. A paste similar to wallpaper paste can be made by mixing nearly equal volumes of raw wheat flour and water, then heating the mixture until it thickens. The ideal poster adhesive for unorthodox placement is wheat paste. It can practically stick to any surface, is simple to create, and applies swiftly and effortlessly with a brush.

What are the best locations for wheatpasting?

You can take advantage of any place if your target audience is in Los Angeles, CA. Popular places for wheatpasting LA campaigns include:

– City center parks
– Public access indoor malls
– Skateparks
– Fencing and barricades around construction sites

In terms of advertising, creativity is essential. We enjoy locating new sites for posters, and we enjoy seeing the direct outcomes for our clients.

What's great about Los Angeles?

A lot of people have a strong sense of pride in their neighborhood and think it’s one of the greatest in the nation. However, few cities can match the greatness of Los Angeles. One of the few cities in the world where people come to see their dreams come true, to accomplish their goals, and to realize their full potential is Los Angeles. It is a city that values experience, opportunity, innovation, and culture. California is a popular travel destination because it provides visitors a plethora of activities, unending sunshine, and a high-end local lifestyle. Los Angeles is a terrific destination and one of the biggest and most well-known cities in California. Here are some additional arguments for why Los Angeles is the best US city if those aren’t enough to persuade you:

Here are just a few of the categories in which Los Angeles has been rated top in the nation:

Los Angeles is the busiest port in the country and a global leader in the production of entertainment, including films, television shows, motion pictures, video games, and music.
Favorite Farmers’ Markets
the ease of using transit systems
The world’s top private museum (The Getty)
Greater than any other US city are the populations of Koreans, Hispanics, Japanese, Thai, and Native Americans.
the country’s most populous county
first in the country for the proportion of people with at least a bachelor’s degree
The nation’s highest rate of income growth
largest in terms of total area of land
The largest workforce in the design sector of any American city
many Energy Star structures
The majority of pupils attend charter schools.
The largest urban areas with the greatest number of renters
The majority of independent contractors nationwide
the sexiest (according to a 2011 study)
the largest network of freeways
The country’s most musical acts
the largest number of sports facilities
the majority of vegetarian eateries
most television stations

There are surely plenty of things to do in LA. Statistics showing over 40 million visits and over $15 billion in yearly tourism earnings serve as evidence for this claim. Everyone can find something to do in Los Angeles, from year-round residents to busy tourists just passing through. Theme parks can be found in LA in five different sizes, including Disneyland and Universal Studios. The region is home to more than a hundred museums, numerous zoos and aquariums, and ten major sports clubs. There are over 8300 restaurants, almost 400 pubs and nightclubs, and innumerable performance venues in the area, all of which frequently have fun and interesting events going on if that isn’t enough for you.

Additionally, the Los Angeles region has more than 75 miles of coastline with lovely beaches and water sports, as well as 24 000 acres of parks, hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails, and the neighboring mountains, which receive an average of 132″ of snow annually. In the US, there aren’t many locations where you can go surfing in the morning and skiing in the afternoon, but LA is proud to be one of them.

There is little doubt that Los Angeles has the best weather in the country, with summertime highs of 82 ┬░F (lows of 63 ┬░F) and wintertime highs of 65 ┬░F (lows of 48 ┬░F), respectively. There are 329 days of sunshine and 15 inches of rain on average each year for Angelinos.

The combination of beaches, deserts, valleys, and mountains also makes it possible to enjoy every weather, no matter the time of year. What more could you possibly want? All set to move? Find out how much your salary would be in a place like Los Angeles.

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We as printers in Los Angeles are aware of the impact we all have on the environment. Across all of our goods, we provide a wide variety of environmentally friendly printing options. We exclusively utilize soy inks made from natural soybeans and use recycle paper stocks as standard. Learn more about our environmental impact.