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The sun is emerging from its winter hibernation and temperatures are increasing, which means summer 2022 is quickly approaching! On June 21, summer officially starts, and we are quite thrilled about what the out-of-home advertising sector has in store. The best time of year to be outdoors is during the summer. There are more opportunities to get your business recognized and start marketing your brand or campaign because of the increased outside traffic, vacationers, and interesting outdoor activities it provides.

Particularly after a couple of particularly difficult years of being unable to travel because to COVID limitations, people often spend more money on tourism during the summer months. Profits will thus rise across the board, from the health and fitness to the entertainment sectors.

It’s time to use your marketing and creative talents to develop the most memorable OOH (Out of Home Advertising) campaign of the summer.

Learn how outdoor advertising may help you get seen and seamlessly integrate your campaign with the summertime atmosphere.

Maximize Brand Exposure

OOH advertising blends into the environment while sending effective brand awareness messages to consumers who are always on the move. When it’s busy in the summer and everyone is spending more time outside, this tactic works great.

Summertime is a popular time for outdoor activities including festivals, barbecues, and trips to the beach. This makes it the ideal moment to highlight your creativity while also accentuating your company’s theme. In order to generate leads, advertising your company next to tourist sites or during outdoor festivals may be quite helpful.

New customers will learn more about the brand and could be more inclined to give it a try in the future as well as consumers who are already acquainted with the brand will be reminded of it.

Positive Feelings Come with Summer

More daylight has an emotional impact on happiness and mental health, according to this research. Additionally, there is a higher likelihood that individuals will shop, start spring cleaning, remodel, host parties, engage in fitness, plan trips, eat out, and purchase a property.

The research states how a survey by the Met Office claims that half of shops think that the weather is one of the top three external variables impacting sales since consumers often stay inside when it’s chilly because there’s little motivation to go outside.

The best time to draw an audience is now since people are always outdoors seeking for motivation to spend money.

Spending is all-time high

The summer of 2022 is predicted to be the pinnacle, with individuals spending more on what they have been missing out on during the previous years due to decreased spending on leisure, enjoyable activities, and travel.

Many small companies should take advantage of this fantastic chance to promote themselves and build brand recognition.

Better Engagement

Due to the fact that school is out for the summer, more peopleā€”especially children, their parents, those who do not take summer vacations, and other seasonal workersā€”are outdoors and consume more media than normal.

This is an excellent time to attract these interested audiences over.

Whether via social media and digital advertising, television commercials, billboards, or other methods, your advertisements and marketing initiatives will reach people who would not ordinarily pay attention to them at other times of the year.

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